Question on Hatching bobwhite quail in a Brinsea


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Apr 25, 2015
Hi. I am trying to hatch bobwhite quail for the first time. I have a Brisnea Mini Advanced incubator. I have followed directions and am all set to go. The only pint of confusion is that the directions say it takes 16-23 days whereas I have read elsewhere it takes 21 days. Obviously this makes a big difference when the turning stops a couple of days before hatching. Even what they give seems a large window. Any suggestions at which day I stop the turning? Thanks in advance.


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Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Your directions sounds as if they were rounding the entire quail species off, giving you an average hatch day, as different species do hatch on different days.

Bobwhites should hatch somewhere around 23 or 24 days. This day is not set in stone and vary depending on how the eggs were stored before setting, the temp in your incubator and other various factors.

Stop turning your eggs on day 20. Don't be too concerned if they don't hatch on day 23. Again this is just an average length of time for incubation. They can drive you crazy and wait until day 25! LOL

Bobwhites like a bit higher humidity during incubation. I like to keep it around 55%. Temp somewhere between 99.5 and 99.7 Fahrenheit. At lock down, make sure to open your vents wide open and get the humidity up somewhere around 65% to 70%. If you need to add damp sponges, do so to get your humidity up there.

Good luck and keep us posted!! :)

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