question on pecking order tiffs


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Jan 27, 2009
Is it normal during these pecking order tiffs for feathers/fluff to be pulled out or is this something to worry about?

No blood, I usually step in cuz the one losing the feather/fluff is smaller ... she actually runs to me for protection.


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Pecking order tiffs can be brutal. I would keep an eye out and make sure it doesn't turn into one being picked on unmercifully. Hopefully they'll figure out the pecking order soon and things will calm down.


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Jan 29, 2008
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Quote:It sounds cruel but that is how a flock works,sadly there is always a runt or low man on the totem pole(with most animal groups and sometimes people too) Over time things may get better,I wouldn't pamper her over the others too much it may make things worst.Let her blend in best as you can. Will


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If there is one in particular who is doing the pecking, isolate it for several days, then return it. It will then be at the bottom of the pecking order.

Another thought is boredom. Sometimes, more distractions can solve this problem. More space, more things like hanging cabbages o pick on, hiding treats in grass clippings or hay or whatever, so they have to scratch and hunt for them, etc.

You gave very little information. If they are indoors in a brooder, I would get them outside.

Read here:

I know you didn't post in emergencies, but this is still a useful guideline.

Also, on the FAQ page, there are some links to good threads about feather picking and plucking.


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Jun 13, 2009
I had two (out of 28) that were getting pecked on at about 6 weeks of age.. mostly they were pulling their new tail feathers off..

Just over night they pecked on one and it got bloody so I isolated her for a few days and sprayed some "blue kote" (can be found at farm fleet for $6) on the wounded area and surrounding feathers and put her back with the others.. They pecked at her a little but, but once they got the bitter taste of blue kote in their mouth.. they stopped.

The other one I saw before they drew blood, so I sprayed blue kote on her tail feathers too and they stopped pecking her.

I sprayed it on their tail feathers once a day for a few days and monitored it closely there after. No problems since.

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