question on protien / nourishment from egg to growth

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    I set a few eggs from my rescued birds (im down to a dozen, about 30 found homes) and had one cornish x RSL hatch out, and one cochin make it halfway out with a bit of help. But the little cochin never absorbed his yolk and died about 12 hours later. Well, the little cornish x rsl lived until today. When she hatched she had dried yolk all over her, and it led to a horrible case of pasty butt. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the lack of nutrition the parents got passing through to the chicks. The others quit at various stages and four were eaten by the broody hen in early development. So, the surviving chick didn't survive and we held a small funeral for her.

    I've had these chickens five weeks, give or take, and have a second batch of eggs hatching out as we speak. I found a dozen in the yard last week that match up to the cornish hens eggs in shape and size, but I was curious what they were so I set them. Tadaaaa... Four made it to the hatching stage and are coming out now. If they are the cornish hens eggs, should I still be worried about their lack of protien? Even thoug they were set two weeks after she started being fed again? I'm letting two broodies raise them, and they do good raising together. These two hens are sisters, from the same hatch, and always go broody together. They've raised several successful batches. I'm not worried about them fighting, they never do, I'm worried about the chicks not surviving again because of the nourishment issue. So, should I give them higher protien chick startwr, like game bird starter, or stop worrying and let nature run it's course?

    I do have pictures of the first chick who had all the problems if anyones curios. She hatched out of a jumbo egg and was bantam sized, and only lived 11 days. Again, I'm worried that these eggs will do the same thing. If they do, when should I set eggs from Elvis and Pricilla (the RSL roo and cornish hen) again so I can get my dual project going?

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