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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by IggiMom, Apr 23, 2009.

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    I notice that a lot of people on the forum like the Genesis 1588. I also notice that you can find a lot of 1602 Genesis out there. Hmmm. I hope that is the right number, anyway it is close. Does anyone know the difference between them? Is the 1588 lots better? The other one, there are a lot of new ones floating around the internet and they are cheaper.

    I just HAVE to have another incubator, I have one LG, we will see how I do, but I do not anything to hatch the eggs in, and they were not all started at the same time.
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    I have four of the 1602n and i have to keep a close eye on them because the temps tend to rise and fall with the temps in the house, but if you are home and can keep an eye on them and make small adjustments during the day, they work GREAT! Also, sterilize them completely between hatches for best hatch rates. I made a four hole shelf out of 1/2 x 1" galvanized wire, and throw a blanket around the back and sides, so just the fronts are exposed and air can still circulate freely around all of them and that has helped a TON with keeping temps stable. That, plus keeping them all stuffed with as many eggs as possible as all time provides its own thermal mass or heat sink to stabilize temps. Sooner or later I plan to make myself a cabinet incubator so I can get into DEEP TROUBLE hatching and be completely buried in chicks! For now, I have the "Hova-monster" which is what I call my four bator setup.
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    The 1588 is amazing, it's preset to 99.5-100 degrees, so there is no fiddling with the temp, and it holds the temp and humidity with no issues! I owned an LG for a week before buying the 1588, and oh my gosh, it is sooo much better, in fact I just sold my LG on Ebay. I don't know much about the 1602n except that it's not preset, so again you have to fiddle with the temp. Also not sure if the 1602n has a fan, if it doesn't than holding a stable temp will be harder than it would be with a forced air bator.

    Good Luck!

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