Question regarding eggs and allergies


10 Years
May 4, 2009
Wallingford, CT
I buy big bags of wild bird mix to feed my girls as treats. I throw a scoop in their run every afternoon. The kind I'm currently using is mostly shelled nuts and seeds with a bit of dried fruit and cracked corn mixed in. My question (and it may be an incredibly dumb question) is, if there are peanuts in the mix (and there are many) and somebody with peanut allergies eats my girls' eggs will they have a reaction? I told a friend of mine I'd give her some, but now I'm concerned they'll make her sick.
Mom swears, and I don't know exactly how true this is, but that the eggs come out as what you feed them.

I then asked her "So, if I want T-Bone steak & eggs for breakfast I just toss them a T-Bone the night before?"

She said that is not quite how it works but if you give them rotten stuff, your eggs may taste rotten, etc. She was pretty vague. So I don't know about the peanuts but I would probably be cautious.

I will be waiting to see what others say as we too give our chickens raw peanuts and the shells. They like the shells better than the nuts.

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