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    Ok - I finally got my hands on one of the small pepsi coolers that you see at the stores with the glass front (SCORE) [​IMG]

    My question is - can I use the guts out of a lg still air bator to heat it with or do I just need to purchase a new one. I know I will need a fan.

    I am bound and determined to make a bator out of it.

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    If its dorm fridge sized then maybe but not if its the ones the size of a house fridge. It just wont create enough heat. I use a $9 hair dryer as a heater in my fridge incubator. I wired the thermostat to kick on an off a outlet that way if I ever need to replace the hair dryer all I have to do is plug in the new one.
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    You may have to use a combination of that LG element and a light bulb to heat the larger space, you'll kind of have to play with it. Use the LG and a fan first and see what you get and then if you need more heat, a 40watt ought to do it.

    Pity it's hard to get a single mount of the smaller bulbs since the cooler bators are actually very easy to maintain heat in.

    Great luck - go for it!!!! I love my mini-fridge bator.

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