Question to any showgirl hatchers?????


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7 Years
May 4, 2012
South Eastern Kentucky
Do you sometimes get a silkie instead of a showgirl. Out of 5 showgirl eggs I hatched, 1 is not naked necked, looks like pure silkie.
How often does this happen with showgirls? I was sort of thinking that I had read that sometimes you would get a silkie but it would carry the naked neck gene? I'm new to showgirls so any info will really be helpful. Looks like all 5 are buff or partridge as some are buff colored and some are a darker buff/orangish color. I also hatched 1 golden polish with frizzle gene, 4 spangled butchers and 2 hatch/greys. 1 hatch/grey is still in the incubater alive in egg but not yet broken the air cell.

Thanks fo any info, Jennifer

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