Question- why does my rooster attack a certain hen the most?


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Aug 24, 2020
So I was watching my chickens outside, and over time I realized my rooster would attack this hen specifically the most and whenever it could, and I was wondering why is this? This for your time
There could be different reasons. The more you can tell us the more likely we can hep you. In addition to the other questions can you tell us some recent history. Have you recently integrated them? It sounds like you just noticed it happening. Is there a specific time or place this happens.
by “attack” do you mean mating?

no- I see him mating towards the others, but not really this one. He puffs up his hackle feathers and chases her all around the yard til I fiscally have grab him and put him in a “time out”. The hen is older than him about a couple years. Is it maybe cuz he can’t get it XD?
Some roosters just have a favorite girl. Does she have a place where she can get away from him?

I don’t think she’s his fav girl thought, he stays more around his own breed. Yes she does have a place she can hide, since the roosters a Wilkie they aren’t the best at jumping and normally she will just jump somewhere high. Any other ideas tho?

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