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Dec 14, 2020
Neighbor ducks came into my yard and I put them in a pen and let them aware but they told me let them go they will come home. Well, two months later they have made my pond their home. I ingored them the first month but they finally learn my feeding schedule with my free range chickens and they eat whatever is left. I have contacted the neighbor twice that they are welcome to come get them but never have shown up to do so. Instead they want me to now try to catch them again and there is no chance I can do that. You get to close they will get in the middle of the pond also they are learning to fly. I don't mind the ducks but guess the neighbor is upset the ducks stay here instead of going home. Is there anything I can get in trouble with?
I don't think you can get in trouble as long as they are not confined on your property.
Basically they are the neighbors ducks trespassing on your property that you are unable to catch. You have done due diligence letting them know where their animals are.

If anything the neighbors could be in trouble foe "animals at large". At least that would be the charge here.
:welcome Sorry to hear you have irresponsible neighbors who have no business having pets and it's causing unnecessary issues for you.

As posted above, the ducks are your neighbors responsibility not yours and that is how any local animal law enforcement agency would also view the situation.

IMO, it's up to you as far as what you want to do about the situation since your neighbors are doing nothing to keep their ducks at home and off your property, it's not your responsibility to feed them also.

This is a tough situation to be in if you don't want to be on the received end of any possible negative retaliation from your neighbors because you called the local authorities to resolve this.

How many ducks is there? If you truly want the ducks gone, is there anyway for you to rehome the ducks without your neighbors finding out about it? Meaning next time the ducks come over, lock them up again and have someone ready to take them, problem solved!

Some may not agree with this, but then again your the one dealing with this problem and not them. IMO, If the ducks get a good home over the dinner plate, it's a win, win for everyone. Best of Luck. :)

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