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    So my hen been laying since 2 weeks ago, and I got a rooster 3 months ago so I'm pretty sure her eggs should be fertile, she has around 9 eggs, so it's a pretty big clutch especially since she's a little dutch/Croosed bantam, I was wondering will she set soon or will she lay until she has a bigger clutch? She's lays 1 every other day, since I had her she's gone broody by laying a clutch of 8-10 eggs but, no chicks would come out because, I Dident have a rooster to fertilize them, my question is, will she lay another 4-5 and begin to set or will she even become broody at all!? Here's a picture of her[​IMG]
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    Hello :frow and Welcome to BYC! You might try posting your question in the Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying Forum for more answers. In general chickens will go broody any time of the year, they just tend to more in the spring and summer. Just because she is laying eggs doesn't mean she will necessarily go broody right away. Bantams tend to be broody, but she could lay eggs for a month or more before deciding to go broody. If you want to have her hatch her eggs, with mine I usually collect the real eggs and put a couple of fake ones in the nest. The real eggs I mark by date and save a dozen (or whatever I want her to hatch), replacing the old eggs with the newest egg as she lays them. Then when she goes broody, I give her a day or two to be sure she will stick, and then give her her own eggs back.
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    [​IMG] I agree with Kelsie, this could go on and on, to the point where the earliest laid eggs are old. Mark dates on the newer ones in case she does decide to hatch them.
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    Is she sitting on the nest all day and all night?

    If she's only in the nest to lay and spends the rest of the day off the nest and the night time roosting, then she's not broody and you need to pick up those eggs and eat them.

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