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    So, tomorrow morning were getting a trio of snowy call ducks, I'm really excited but, I have a few questions' we have some gamefowl, there american gamefowl' so far there okay with my bantam chickens but the rooster is the meanest thing I ever came across, he's constantly picking a fight with our bantam roo' but he's smart enough to fly up a tree or go hide until, the bigger roo walks away! There constantly free ranging so, they could run away from Eachother and they all go back into the coop to roost till the next morning, my problem is with the call ducks being so small, and they really don't run so fast with my biggest rooster kill, them? Or will they be able to get away since there going to be free ranged? Or should I make them a seperate coop and run!?
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    Hi there, [​IMG]and welcome to BYC!

    I am a fan of keeping different types of poultry in their own quarters. Not only are there size differences and the little ones can get hurt, but many times there are different feed requirements, different housing needs and environment needs of the different species. So I personally would suggest you keep these call ducks in their own area. :)
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    TwoCrows x2.
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    I would absolutely make separate quarters for the call ducks.

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