6 Years
Jun 2, 2013
The first week of the corral has been finished we put up the posts and we raked up all the dead branches and dead grass, it honestly looks great and everything's coming out exactly how I want it but I had a questions were planning on getting some rabbits 1 buck 2 does and I thought wouldn't it be cool if we could recreation there natural environment so we were thinking about making tunnles under the ground my making really long rectangle boxes of plywood and streach them out through out the yard with openings basicly like a underground den for them, well dig out the size and just pop those rectangle boxes in there with opening in the side they'll be loaded with straw inside the den so we were just wondering if that would work were working on the landscaping part and were trying to make it the best for the animals
Sounds great, are you using culvert for the tunnels? And you'll be able to clean the dens sounds nice.... You are going to have so many baby bunnies soon!
I had two "girls" a few months later 32!
Wish I had done an artificial tunnel system because my rabbits made their own under the shed the pen backed on ( oops )
Good luck
Post pics of your project please
Does this mean modern day rabbits will accept an artificial den and save themselves the trouble of digging one.? It's like the Hawks that sit on the telephone poles waiting for birds to visit the feeders. Then they hop down and snatch one. They use to swoop down from the skies - gracefully grab lunch and continue air born without setting down on terra firma. I imagine they all will be getting obese and lazy like many of the humans now.
I don't know much about rabbits, there is another section of BYC you might want to post in: good luck to you.
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