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Jul 24, 2016
I have a new button quail. She is young, however I'm not sure how young. She is very skiddish when I try to handle her but gladly runs around my room when she's out. I have her in a guinea pig cage inside because of the cats in our neighborhood. She does eat and drink a lot, and is very vocal. I have some baby tears (the plant) in there with her so she has some feel of the outdoors. I do take her outside once in a while, but me or my dog will have to stay with her. (My dog is totally fine with all the birds I bring home.) She seems pretty content in her cage and I put a shoe box with a hole in it so she can hide when she feels like it. I read about the basics for quail care and was wondering if there is anything else I should be doing. Thank you to those who can help!


Jul 9, 2015
Ontario, Canada
Awww that's cute :)!! I don't know much about button quail but she may be vocal looking for a mate/friend hehe.

Sounds like you take great care of her! If you feed her treats she will need grit to help digest it and have you tried to offer her a dustbath of dry dirt or sand? :D

You could also get the top part of a cage (with bars small enough that a cat couldn't fit their paw through) and let her have some open ground outside underneath of it - give her some shade protection and weigh it down so no animal can knock it over/put their paw UNDER it to get her and then she can maybe spend the nice days outside pecking grass and weeds and bugs?


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Dec 24, 2015
Northern MA
Quails don't ask a lot, just a quiet safe cage, clean food with >20% protein and clean water. Warm temperature before day 21, some sand for sand bath. Some vegetable after day 21. 14-16 hours of light after day 35 if you like to have eggs.

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