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    Dec 16, 2008
    I am in the design stage of an duck coop for my runner ducks. So far I have the basic plan with a covered run and coop that has a door that I can open (when I am around) so that they have access to my pond. The pond is about 27 feet long by 24 wide. After looking at another post I was wondering if it would be good to put a small floating house that they could scurry into if danger came while they were swimming. I figured it could be in the middle of the pond and just big enough to fit them and provide quick cover like a bolt hole. Is this a good idea or unnecessary. I have cooper hawks and a few cats that sometimes come around and although I have heard that the runner ducks are good at spotting predators I would rather not loose any if possible. Any comments or criticism is welcome as I am a newbie to this whole duck thing.
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    A problem I see is that the floating coop would have to have a door that could close behind the ducks. Otherwise a hawk or owl could fly right in there after them. Large birds can fit into surprisingly small areas - trust me, I had a great horned owl fly into a doorway that was 1 foot wide and less than 2 feet tall.
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    Jul 30, 2008
    Don't know how deep your pond is but ducks, duck [​IMG] under water when swooped on by an air predator.
    I don't think the floating house is necessay, just a secure predator proof night time shelter.

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