Questions about Anconas


9 Years
Sep 8, 2010
Hello all! Im thinking about getting Ancona ducks for my creek/swamp area on my farm. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if they make nice pets and stay close to home. I am worried they will migrate to the lake that the creek opens into. We do not own the lake, it belongs to the city. Is there any way to make sure they stay by my creek and barn? Its a good quarter to halfmile to the lake but my mallards from last year ended up there... the creek has some pond areas but I was thinking about giving them a small swimming pool during thesummer to try to keep them around some more.

Do you think this would work? also I know there is enough food for them in the creed most of the year but ifI feed them like once or twice a day could that help keep them around?

Im looking for any help or suggestions! I really want ducks butlike I said eariler, I tried mallards (yeah I know bad choice cuz their wild) but they ended up in the lake.

Any duck that you raise from a duckling (If raised right.) will be a good pet. You will have to imprint on them, but once they know you are their "Momma Duck", then they shouldn't leave you. Keeping duck feed near your barn is a good idea, so they know where to go for food. You can put a pool near your barn also... Maybe put some treats in it! It will help if you come out and hand feed them daily, so they know you aren't going to leave them. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
Mine put themselves to bed at night in their pen - they come up from the pond to be closed up for the night
Anconas are supposed to be homebodies - they forage but don't wander (and are too big to fly off like mallards) I think they're a wonderful breed, really a lot of fun.
Thanks everyone!! What types do u have?

I think Im goin to get 12 of them, 4 Black and white, 4 blue and white, and 4 Lilac and white.
I am also thinking about Ancona ducks. This was such a tough winter in central New York with deep snow on the ground for 4 months. My chickens were not happy. I understand that ducks don't like to be confined. If there's 2 -3 feet of snow on the ground and no place to forage, how do they handle that? We have several ponds including a 2 acre one. If we let them "free range", will predators get them? Better to fence them into a smaller space? We are out in the boonies w/ coyote, weasels, raccoons, fox, hawks, etc...

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