Questions about bantam eggs ?


8 Years
Nov 1, 2011
Columbia, MS
How many eggs does a bantam hen usually lay before she starts sitting? I have a bantam hen that has 9 eggs. Do they usually start sitting after so many eggs or after so many days? She free-ranges. Won't sleep in the coop. Sleeps in the trees with her rooster. When she first started laying she would go into the coop and lay. Either the cat sleeping in the nesting box or the new hens broke her from that. Now she is laying her eggs in the barn. My husband wants her to sit but I don't because I think something will get her. She is real flighty so I know if we catch her after she starts sitting it will probably break her broodiness. Any suggestions?? If she doesn't start sitting soon I think I gonna get the eggs.
they will sit when they finish a batch of eggs it can be 10 eggs 300 eggs it could be any number but usually broodiness happens in spring and end of summer
Thanks for the information!
So should I mark the eggs that are already there and start collecting the new eggs?
If I took all the eggs would she possibly start laying somewhere else?
Is there anyway I could possibly get her to start laying in the coop again?

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