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Apr 2, 2010
OK everyone I have my first broody hens.. Well two broody hens.. I have a few questions and I'm sure this isn't all my questions. So if you think of anything else that I might need to know from your experience please share with me.

One If the two broody hens are in the main coop but separated from the rest of the flock but still have access to each other is that ok?

What is the longest one of the hens should be off her eggs before I worry?

I live in Florida, the nights are getting into the upper 50's days lower 80's do I need to keep the coop warm at night?

Is there any warning signs with the sitting hens I should watch for to make sure they are staying healthy?

These sitting pullets are only 7 months is there anything in-particular I need to worry about with their being so young?

If the 21 days come and go will she figure it out or just sit forever until she gets a baby?

Should I put a little curtain over their little boxes to keep their stress levels down when we collect the other eggs?

If I do move the hens to another box what is the best place for that box to be and what is the chances I'm going to completely break their broodiness?

The coop is off the ground is there any preparations I should make for the new chicks?

How long should I wait till after the chicks hatch to let their momma's take them out around the rest of the flock?

What do I do about feed for the little ones when they come? My hens currently eat egg layer pellets can the babes eat egg layer crumble?

That is about it for right now...

If anyone can answer any of these questions or any others you think I might stumble upon thanks in advance.



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Dec 16, 2007
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Congrats on the Broodies. I have one right now, too.

1) If you can separate your broodies from the other chickens, I think that would be for the best. I put mine in a dog kennel, or a separate cage. It helps protect against broken eggs, the other chickens picking on the broodies, or if the broody has access, she will keep putting more eggs under her.

2) Broodies will get off their eggs once a day in order to eat and drink. Unless it is extremely hot, she probably won't get off of her eggs.

3) I wouldn't keep the coop warm at night. The broody's body will adjust to the temperature change and keep the egg at the correct temperature.

4) Because they usually only get up once a day, they lose some weight. I usually throw some food in front of them so they can eat if they want to. I will also offer them water when I am out feeding.

5) Pullets will be fine being broody. It is what they do, instinct will take over.

6) It is amazing, but the broodies seem to know if an egg isn't developing right. They will sometimes push these eggs out from under them. They will sit as long as it takes. My broodies usually set for 23 or 24 days, just to be sure. When they are done, they will get off the nest and teach the chicks to eat and drink.

7) If you separate them, they shouldn't have any undue stress.

8) Once you move the hens and put them back on their eggs they will be fine.

9) The only preparation you may need is to put marbles in the waterer so they don't accidentally fall in and drown. The broody will take care of everything else.

10) I usually wait a couple of months then I let them out with the other chickens when I am cleaning out their pen, or in the evening when most are roosting. I don't leave them out, while I am not there. The big chickens wll chase or peck at the chicks. You just need to use your own judgement.

11) The chicks need the starter/grower crumbles and the Broody eats that too. Every once in awhile I will throw some layer pellets in there for the broody, but mostly she eats the crumble.

I hope this helps!


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