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    Nov 25, 2010
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm writing an academic paper on chicken bylaws that were passed within the last 2 years. I was hoping for some answers for a couple of questions that I had.

    - What aspects of your city's bylaw do you think work best? and what areas aren't working or need to be re-examined?

    - Are there any suggestions you would have for improvements? or for future opportunities?

    - Since some city bylaws require chickens to remain in their coops, do you think allow your chickens to run around in your yard?

    - With some of the bylaws that have recently come into affect, how does your city anticipate for when hens stop laying eggs? or what are you going to do (have done) with your chickens when they stop laying eggs?

    Thanks and I appreciate the responses!
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    Quote:ETA- PA reminded me about the setbacks. I like that mine are just 10 ft from the property line.

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    I find the distance from property line really annoying. Here it's 50'... which means that your parcel has to be 100' plus the length of your run/coop by 100' plus the width of your run/coop.

    In our neighborhood most, maybe 90%, of the lots are not 100x100... most aren't even 100 in one direction n'mind both... meaning that the law here excludes the vast majority of residents. And our neighborhood is one of the roomier ones. Over across town it's a LOT smaller. I don't think it's cool to write laws that grant permission to only a select few and completely exclude the majority.

    Throw in the fact that that law directly counters the building code and it's a double whammy IMO.
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