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Jul 14, 2009
Hello all, I have a few questions for you Eggsperts.

Firstly, I have 11 hens, 3 of which are Easter Eggers. However only one of them lays green eggs! The other two lay typical brownish eggs. Can anyone say why?

Secondly, the EE who DOES lay green eggs has been picking out her own feathers for some time now. She is low gal on the totem pole, although I have never seen the other girls picking her feathers out. She seems to be obsessed with constantly grooming and picking at herself. She also exhibits other strange behaviors: picking at imaginary flies in the air around her, and a fear about leaving the coop. She is also the only one who will roost on the edge of the nest box and poop in it. The others seem to want to keep the nest boxes clean.

When I first noticed her picking at herself, I checked for lice and did see a few. I dusted her promptly. The other girls, who go out in the yard and dust themselves, didnt have lice but I dusted them as well. I also cleaned the coop. Now this little hen, who I call Punkin, is bald on her back by the base of her tail. She has picked angry red spots onto her skin. Of course, she is a sweet gal, and loves to be cuddled. She will come over and stand on my foot until I give her some attention.

Any suggestions for my nervous nellie hen?
Easter Eggers aren't guaranteed to lay any particular color (for that you need *real* Ameracanas or Auracanas, not hatchery). They merely carry the blue gene, which means they can lay blue or green or pink or brown or any shade in between.

Can't help on the feather picking, though. Anything I've seen has been picking on each other, not selves.
I had 18 EE they all lay different eggs, I had light brown, pink, mustard yellow, all kinds of greens, all kinds of blue, olive color eggs. Rain bow colors. And I loved them. As for the color eggs , the birds all looked different too. different colors birds , tuffes no tuffes.

About the feather pecking I would check the area maybe some thing is eating her and that's why she is determine to get rid of it.
Mice/ lice can eat a chicken to death and only dusting them sometimes help but sometimes not.
look up what kind of pest she has and treat it if you want to.
Hi, thanks for the answer about the egg colors. I appreciate it.

As for the feather picking, I have repeatedly checked this hen for lice/mites and can see nothing...

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