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  1. I just want to get something straight about the use of DE.
    If you use food grade DE it is not considered any kind of medicine, toxin,or pesticide? Is this strictly a substance that goes through their body and does not get absorbed in their bodies? Does it have any effect on their eggs? I am curious to know if that affects the natural label.I am not selling these eggs but am trying to do as all natural as possible.Is this only to be used if you think they have parasites? I know some people use it in a dustbath,is that any different or have any more benefits than the regular dustbaths.If you use DE in the coop and then transfer the litter to a compost pile and use it in vegetable gardens does it affect anything?
    Sorry for all the questions but I am getting ready to move my girls outside and want to get everything in order.
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    Food grade DE is not a pestacide, it works by disturbing the external skeletan of bugs and such, larger animals such as chickens, dogs and people are not affected by the DE, in a compost pile the DE will prevent worms from helping breaking down the compost, the reason that we use it where the chickens take their dust bathes is to help get rid of lice, fleas and ticks.
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  5. So you only use it after an infestation, not as a preventative?
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    No, I use it as a preventative since it does little harm after all nothing does no harm.
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    Check out the information on food grade DE at Wolf Creek Ranch. It should answer all your questions. [​IMG]

    Also, check out the Food Grade DE page that I've put together. It explains how I use around our place.

    Food grade DE doesn't affect earthworms in the compost pile as long as you don't over-do the DE (the Wolf Creek Ranch information also states as much...under the heading of Yard, Garden & Landscape Application).

    Hope this helps!


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