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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I have been thinking about getting into raising quail. I have been looking on eBay, and have found an ad for 44+ georgia giant quail eggs for 16.99 (as of right now). Is this a good price? And are these birds really as large as they say? The lake cumberland game bird site says they are 16 oz (1lb) at maturity? Also is this the largest quail breed? Thanks so much!!
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    Quote:These birds are very large but are not the largest Quail. Google cc partridge patch in TN- I have found they have decent prices and very healthy birds. It is run solely by an retired man and his wife.
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    I would go here and get the real thing The Butler strain of Bobs are bigger than the Ga Giants..Many ppl are breeding reg jumbos(misinformation or whatever) and calling them Ga giants or Butlers,,The true Ga giants will weigh 16 oz with the Butlers averaging 2 oz's more, Even with that i'ts constant selection to keep the size up.......

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