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11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
Hi everyone, I didn't really know what the title should be to this question but I bought some chicken eggs recently off of ebay, and I got a white aracauna egg and a couple of weeks after I got them it started growing little brown things on it. I have since gotten rid of the egg, but I was just wondering if anyone knew what it was.

When you say growing little brown things, do you mean on the shell or inside the egg? Did you candle the egg?
I guess I should have been more clear, lol it was on the shell. I didn't candle it I just wanted to get rid of it incase it was going to infect the other eggs.
Oh, well I am not sure what could be growing on the shell, unless it was a bacteria, and if so, then you did good to get rid of it. Maybe someone with more knowledge than me about these things can answer, since I myself am a newbie to incubating!

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