Questions about incubating Marans eggs


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Mar 5, 2009
Church Hill, TN
I have several dozen Marans eggs. I have Black Copper, French White, Cuckoo, Blue Copper, and Wheaten.

Somewhere I read that Marans like higher humidity but for the life of me I can't find where I read that.

Before I put these in the incubator, are there any tricks to incubating these great eggs?? Thanks in advance!

I have incubated on one batch so far and had great results.

Started dry no water after one week added a little to get the hummidity up to 30 and let them ride to lock down.

During lock down I raised to 65-70%.

No chicks stuck all hatched with out help.

Take it for what it is worth like I said only the first time. I now have 1 dozen BCM eggs in incubation and 4 Golden COOCOO in lock down due Tuesday we shall see.
I have just hatched 7 BCM on Friday out of 9 fertile eggs shipped from the East Coast to California......

My incubator is a forced air "Hova Bator". The temperature was a steady 99.5 F (probe in self made wiggler = blown out egg with "Jello" or Gelatin, sealed).

My humidity was always between 35 % and max. 45 % until day 18 on a "Springfield" calibrated hygrometer (not wet bulb hygrometer). Day 18 to 21 the humidity was about 65 %.

I kept both vents open for air circulation day 1 to 18, put one plug back in day 18 to 21.

The eggs were too dark to candle ( I tried anyways, but only found the infertile 10 th one this way ), so it was easy to keep the environment like mentioned above without opening the incubator. Whenever I had to add a little warmed up water to keep the humidity, I did it through a straw (the ones you can bend...) with a syringe, or you can also use a tube from the pet store or medical supply store.

Honestly, I do not know, what I could have done better. They are all so cute. Will post photos when available. Good luck on your hatch.

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