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    i was wondering, i read there were certain requirements to incubate and hatch eggs. i don't want to spend a bunch of money on an incubator. is there any way to do that. and just as a throw in, if i decide to get one more rooster, should it be a bantam so there is no rooster fight for power
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    You can make an incubator

    Might be instructions on here or im sure on Youtub Use an old cooler.Needs A heater,(light bulb usually) some control of the temp as it should be as close to 99.5 as possible the whole 21 days.Water reserve or cups for humidity,, should be 35 -45 then day 18 -21 65-75.a grate to be above the water cups and ventilation.Some ppl add a ols computer fan to keep the temp even in the bator
    Dont know about the rooster but my guess would be the bantam wont know he cant win he has no mirror to see himself and will fight anyway....just get hurt worse or killed
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    Have look here for great info on incubating and hatching:

    and if you scroll down the questions here:

    there are 4 threads on building an incubator. Good luck and enjoy!

    As for the roo... how many hens have you got? Generally 10 hens to 1 roo works, but it very much depends on your roo that you have. Some will tolerate another one if there's enough hens, some don't. I don't think getting a bantam will make much of a difference. My MIL had a bantam that used to make trouble with my RIR who was only 4 times bigger than him [​IMG]
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    Jul 8, 2012
    North Dakota
    i have 16 hens

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