Questions about my chicken coop and run!

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I'm planning to get up to 10 silkie bantams, and need some advice. My permanent coop is 8x8 in square feet and the cieling is high enough for me to stand under with more room still with nest 8 nest boxes, is that big enough? It's made out of wood with a plastic cieling and some windows. The plastic ceiling is secure, but the floor is bare wood (we plan to put down pine shavings), should I put something ontop of it? Can I make any improvements? I plan to keep them on a run because of my dog, letting them out of the coop occasionally when she is inside. Is this a good idea? What size should the run be? Please help, and thank you for your time!
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rule of thumb . . .

Banties= 2sqft of coop space each.

8x8=64/2=32 banties

Standard fowl= 4sqft each
8x8=64/4=16 standard fowls

I didnt hear mention of roosts, they need em!

Run can be as big or small as you want it, bigger is better for run, not always so for the coop.


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its a good idea to put linoleum on the floor and about 6"-8" up each side, its a lot easier to clean. if you just have bare wood any water or poop can soak into the wood;)

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