Questions About New Additions To My Flock


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6 Years
Nov 13, 2013
I have 22 hens (mostly Barred Rocks and Golden Sex Links) and one rooster that are all approx. 1 1/2 years old. This past June I purchased some Ameraucanas (3 pullets/one roo) a Cream Leg Bar Roo and Pullet and then a broody hen hatched out 3 more pullets.

I have noticed that the "newbies" tend to hang out in two groups; the "Ameraucana gang" and the "Leg Bar/mix gang". Right now they are 13 weeks old. I have noticed that the young roosters seem to really "take care" of their little flocks and give the older hens and rooster a wide berth.

As they continue to mature will the roosters also take to the older hens. I will be "retiring" my older rooster in the next couple of weeks, just keeping the two young roos.

I have never had Ameraucanas or Leg Bars before and they both seem very gentle compared to some of my other chickens.

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