Questions about pecking order


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Dec 5, 2020
1. Why alpha hen is so bossy ?

2. I have seen mother hens attacking hens which are above her in pecking order ( but dont attack alpha hen )

Alpha hen always wins 😂😂
I have an ex batt and 6 cochin pullets ( Pullets were 2mo old when I rescue ex batt ) Cochin mothers still dont attack her
Why is that ?

3. Does pecking order keep changing ??

4. Do hens know when to chase and beat cockerels when to accept him as leader

Any answer will help me a lot
Thanks in advance

1) Because she has to constantly reinforce her position.
2) This is not always the case. Dominant hens frequently defer to broody mothers.
3) Yes. Those at the bottom are always trying to improve their position.
4) It's not a matter of 'knowing'. It's about him proving himself.

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