Questions about re-introducing chicks' siblings...


11 Years
Dec 6, 2008
The friend I got my chicks from just got a job and has to move. Its a long drawn out story but short version is he cannot keep his birds. They have been in a brooder (room sized) in a separate pen than chickens and guineas but sharing airspace. If I were to 'rescue' his 2.5 week old quail (another 6-10 of them if I recall properly) what kind of quarantine would I need to do before getting them near my flock? I am building a two level pen so they need never be in the same exact cage, just neighbors.


I guess they may not technically be siblings, but they are hatchmates
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Keep them in an entirely different pen for two weeks to a month. I quarentine all birds I get at auctions for a month...
Thank you both for your answers, very straightforward
My avian vet "pre-trained" or advised me, and the Colorado State Poultry Vet advised me that quarantine should be 21 days to a month. So once again the guys are right.

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