Questions about Selling Hatching Eggs


8 Years
Mar 13, 2011
I have two coops that have specific breeds separated from my main layers flock. In one coop I have 1 Columbian Wyandott roo and 2 hens. In the other coop I have 1 black Silkie Roo and 2 hens, silver and gold. In that same coop is one black show girl as well... not sure what to do with her :)

I thought that I would breed these chickens, but the idea of vaccinating them has me a bit timid. Now, I'm curious about selling the eggs as "hatching eggs". Is this difficult, scary or more involved than I might be expecting? I'm looking for a little guidance before I just give up and collect the eggs like all the others.

As for now, I'm not getting eggs from any of these hens except one Silkie... cute little eggs.


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