Questions about Sexing a Blue Peafowl at 4-5 weeks


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Jul 13, 2011
Mattawa, Washington
Hi there. I am thinking about purchasing a young peachick or two. I found an add for young peachicks, they are around 5 weeks. Is it possible to sex a peachick at this age? I already have two older peahens that I was given and for that reason I am looking to raise up a peacock. I have read that they can possibly be sexed by comparison of their flight feathers? The peacocks are usually more red? I would be grateful for any information or tips that y'all might have. Thank you very much.
Hi cielo,
Male peachicks have more orange primary flight feathers and barred back feathers. Female peachicks have brown primary flight feathers and plain brown back feathers.

I would like photoes of opened wings of both 5-weeks old male peachick and 4-weeks-old male peachick, please.


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Hi cielo,
When you meet the person that sell peachicks to you...Please can you ask him/her about date of birth of your peachicks..."Seller, when the peachicks were of birth" ???"


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