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    My Coop

    interested in the white & yellow one (in the pics - you can enlarge it), which looks as though it's longer than the 8x8 plan. Any ideas on what kind of wood is used here and what the materials would cost? I wouldn't bury it in the ground like that...I'm more interested in the dimensions, the roofing, and how the wood looks. Does it look like maybe 8x12, with the coop space being 2x12?
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    Quote:the yellow lumber comes in sheets you can find it at lowes, for pricing check lowes on line and you know the cost.
    other than that, the rest is self explained, just 2x4 and 2x6 framing lumber
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    May 14, 2011
    I think the 8x8 dimension is misleading. IMO the coop shown is more like an 8x12 measurement. If you look at the white pot on the right of the coop and use it as a gauge I think you may agree. To me the pot looks to be 12 inches tall. This may help in determining height.

    You can still do a coop like that and just make your own diagram using graph paper. To me the boards on the bottom look like 2x6.
    I think the coop space is more like 4x8. I am figuring on an assumption that the uprights are on a 24 inch center.
    The roofing looks to be the plastic roofing like home depot sells.
    The door looks to be 6 feet tall and 30 or so inches wide. The slat siding on the coop area looks like the 5 or 6 inch siding.
    I also think I see a support on the front center bottom of the coop area kind of obscured by the side stud.

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