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Jul 9, 2012
I want to use sand in my coop, but I have a few questions.
Since it drains really well, will all of the moisture soak into my wood floor? And if it does what can I put on top of the floor between the wood and sand?
And how much would I need for a 4×4 coop? I've also heard about people using play sand or river sand. Does it matter at all? Thank you!
I use sand in my outdoor run, and use hay inside the coop. You certainly can use sand on the inside, but if you have a solid floor - wood, concrete etc, any water that gets in will drain through the sand, but will need a way to drain through the solid floor. I do not keep any food or water inside the coop, and this significantly lessens the mess I have to clean up when it is time to clean the coop - everything stays dry I would recommend keeping your waterer outside. I have 6 inches of sand in my run, but you would not need this much inside a coop, probably only 2-3 inches. Play sand is finer, and river sand is courser. River drains better. Good luck!
Thanks for the info! How does the sand in your run do in the winter? Does it get packed down from all of the water?
I'm glad you brought up using hay because I used straw last winter and it was a mess! I have a lot of questions now. I hope you don't mind.
I use sand in my 3x5 coop. Love it! I'm in rainy Oregon and love how it eliminates mud (use it in my run too, even tho it is covered). But back to the coop. For a coop your size you could probably get away with 3-4 bags from a building supply store. Mine is play sand. I add Sweet PDZ to it which helps dry poo and eliminate odor. I clean droppings up with a kitty litter scoop. I also covered the wood floor with a scrap of vinyl flooring to help preserve the floor. It hasn't gotten wet at all in there though so moisture really hasn't been an issue.
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I have a 4X4 coop with play sand in it. It used just over 3 50lb bags of sand for 3" deep. I use a dollar store kitty litter scoop as the slits are smaller so it gets the small poop up. When I built my coop I had pine shavings so I put down those cheap peel and stick vinyl tiles and it works great. I never have a moisture problem in my coop and I have my water in there. The bags cost me $3.88 for 50lbs at Lowe's. Sometimes I'll catch the chickens eating a little for grit when they don't want their big grit...this IS ok as they do it in nature as well. Make sure you don't get colored (dyed) sand, it may look pretty but isn't healthy for kids much less chickens.
Thanks guys!!
Just as a recap: you can use the cheap peel and stick vinyl and you can use sand play sand. Not necessarily the river sand. Do you have the vinyl up on the wall a little ways too or is it just on the floor? And does the vinyl have strong enough glue to stick onto the wood?
I'm also thinking about doing it in the run. farmgirlroots, how do you take care of the sand while eveything's wet?
Also thanks for the pricing!
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I have it on the floor only. The cheap peel and stick has enough "stick" to it to keep it on untreated particle board so you should be ok. Mine was discounted because it was "out of style" at $0.19 sq ft. Do you think my girls care about style? Yes, play sand is fine just don't get the bright dyed stuff. Mine is natural and sort of a tan.
I'm sure if you add it to their coop, it will become their own style!
Thanks for your experience!

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