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Mar 4, 2020
I have 3 females (2 Muskovy, 1 pekin) and a Muscovy drake. I have been collecting the eggs for our consumption - - but hubby said ok to letting me allow a hatching - YAAA!!!!. Questions:
1. As I typically have collected the eggs each morning (they are great layers. 1per day/duck), once I let them stay in the nest for hatching - will the females stop laying once they reach their clutch size?
2. At least 2 females are laying in the same nest - preferable for me as it is in a protected area
3. Will they take turns sitting or will it become territorial?
4. How do I know if they are ready to sit on the nest - how many eggs need to be in the nest for them to sit? so far, they leave to forage in the morning and stay out and about most of the day (I pen them at night for their protection)
5. We know the drake has been breeding, and I have seen blood spots on some eggs - therefore, hoping they are fertile
6. Once a nest is established with the clutch - will the other hen stop laying?
7. will letting them have a hatching mess up them laying for egg consumption in the future?
I am sure I have more questions - this is a start!!
Thanks for your expert guidance.


Oct 13, 2019
Anchorage Alaska
Blood spots don't mean fertile. Once your hen doesent come out of the nest box all day stop taking her eggs and she will incubate them. If You want any control over when they hatch get an incubator.

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My Muscovy are great incubators, Pekins not so much they have pretty much had broodiness bred out of them. You should be able to tell a muscovy egg from a Pekin egg and they will hatch both breeds. My Muscovy just hatched 2 Runner ducklings. My Muscovy girls like privacy when they brood and of course you want them to be secure. Once she has a clutch she’ll quit laying but the others my still lay in her nest so I mark the date on my eggs so I can take out new eggs and also be in control of how many they hatch. Not a good idea to let two broodies on the same nest because when hatch starts ducklings can get trampled. And you want to some how separate mama and ducklings from the rest anyway I usually let my mom And ducklings have supervised time out with everyone and everyone respects her. Including the drakes but there have been may drakes that have killed ducklings too we’ ve. Seen it many times here on BYC. And once mama weans her ducklings she’ll start back laying again

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