Questions/ found few eggs on coop floor


12 Years
May 29, 2011
Over the past couple weeks I've found a couple eggs on the floor of the coop. My girls have just started laying about 3 wk. ago. I'm averaging 7-8 sometimes 9 eggs. I have 11 hens. Made my egg collection at various times throughout the day. Tonight I went out to lock them down with my flashlight in hand and behold, an egg in the corner. When I let them out to free range round 6:30 I know and I am positive there was no egg on the floor. I've read several posts in a thread as to why this happens but nothing was mentioned how to correct it. I don't know which girl is doing it but I did see one of my Isa Browns lingering in the open run to the coop way earlier than normal. Should I watch & wait, try to see who it really is? I don't think it was knocked out of a box. I even found one a few days ago in the run? Did it get rolled out if it was on the floor? Should I put a nesting box in that corner? I have 4 nice ones that are used daily by all the others?
Most people put a fake egg in the nest box and so that they can see that it is a safe place to lay an egg. It has worked great with my chickens. Keeping them locked inside the coop till at least 9am is another suggestion that I've read about, unfortunately due to the heat here I can't do this one and don't know if it works.
I do have and have had golf balls in the nesting boxes from the beginning. I had the boxes blocked off till the 16 wk. Unfortunately, 1 or 2 decided to lay their first when when we were gone for a couple of days. I usually let them out and in the run about 6:30 am. When I get out there after 7 they are waiting by the door. I'll give later a try. Thanks

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