Questions on Breeding Nigerian Dwarfs


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8 Years
Sep 23, 2011
I have Nigerian Dwarfs but this will be my frist experience on breeding them. How do I know when the female is in heat? I do see her pee in front of him, he of course sniffs it curls his lips sometimes it just goes that far sometimes he chases her. I have them penned together since they have been actively calling to eachother this week. All other goats are separate. Now they are housed together at night. Where is my problem, don't know if they have breed or not. The other morning when I let them out her neck and shoulder was bruised. She was fine but bruised. Any suggestions.........


9 Years
May 10, 2010
It sounds like she is probably bred now. NDs are only in heat for a day or so, so when they were first calling, that is when she was fertile and ready. If she didn't show any interest 5 days past (some does do a 5 day heat and that is when they well be bred), then you need to wait for 21 days past to see if she comes back into heat, calling, tail flagging, jumping, etc. If she doesn't come back into heat at 21 days, she is most likely bred.

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