Questions on run for combo chicken/guinea coop..

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    We have keets coming in a few weeks and I've also ordered 5 chicks to go with them to hopefully socialize the guineas with the chickens. I already have one coop with a completely enclosed run and eight chickens, so we are building a second coop to HOPEFULLY house the guineas and chickens based on a wood shed kit. All that I am speaking of is in a perfect world where everything works out and they get along - if they don't, we move to plan B, which is a coop/tractor to house the guineas separately out in the woods.

    The PLAN (again, assuming they like chickens!) is to free range the guineas during the day for tick control, as we have 25+ acres to cover. I'd like to only free range the chickens when I am home and able to watch them. Is this something that's even possible with regard to the run? They'd need a secure enclosed run until both the keets and the chickens are old enough to free range, if course. My thought was to make a very high fenced run with some sort of landing platform and a close-able door near the top so the guineas could fly out and in, but the chickens would stay put until I let them out? Or am I dreaming? [​IMG]

    Another thought is a smaller run but an electric wire running around the acre or so of cleared land where the coop is.. This would require letting the chickens out during the day, which I am not overly comfortable with unless I am home.

    All this is assuming I can coop train the guineas properly by locking them in, etc. Any thoughts on best run for this situation?

    (I originally thought of having these chickens be a completely free range 'test case', but even in that situation they'd need protection from the barn cats until they are big enough!)

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