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    OK, finally had a chance to do some research on this, which raises some questions....what I read indicates that this is passed from mother to chick via the egg. The chicks then spread it laterally amongst themselves. I cannot find any reference to spreading amongst adult chickens. Can adult chickens spread it to each other? Or do some/ or all develop resistance by a certain age? We still have not heard back from the state re the test results, but I can see why they'd be looking at SP; I guess it also attacks the joints in addition to all the organs.
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    Here is some more info if you haven't seen it.

    The cause is a bacterium named Salmonella pullorum. This organism is primarily egg transmitted, but transmission may occur by other means such as:
    Infected hen to egg, egg to chick, or chick to chick in incubator, chick box, brooder, or house. Survivors become infected breeders (cycle begins again),
    Mechanical transmission (carried around on clothes, shoes or equipment),
    Carrier birds (apparently healthy birds shed the disease organisms),
    Contaminated premises (from previous outbreaks).

    Also the older the birds the more resistance they have to it.

    This info is on the Mississippi State site.​

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