how long to quarantine chicks bought from chicks hatched at home?

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  • 1 month

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10 Years
May 10, 2011
Chattanooga, TN
I have 4 TSC bought 5 week old australorp chicks and hatched 15 3 week old SBEL( from dmrippy) chicks that I've kept quarantined from each other. I have the sbel in level 1 of a 3 level brooder. I have the temperature lower in the bottom two grow- out areas. when can I put the 2 groups close together? I normally quarantine for 2 months, can I quarantine shorter with chicks? they are flying out of the brooder, I'll have to cut and paste in screening for the top.
Oops! another one flew up to the edge.
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thanks, 1muttsfan! that helps a lot.
By the way 1muttsfan, you know when you have too many chicken when, you still have chickens to feed but you ran out of money and feed.
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