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Dec 5, 2011
I'm just after a bit of advice.

My broody girl, Daisy, is on her (and mine) first lot of eggs.
She was on 12 eggs, this morning, 5 have hatched.
When I just checked her she has moved off the eggs, and is sitting
with her chicks.
Of the remaining eggs, one is almost out, one has pipped, and I can
hear another one peeping.
Can they hatch without Daisy sitting on them still?
How do I help them get out if they have trouble?
Is she likely to reject them once they are out?
Or do i just have to wait and see?

I'm more nervous now than when I had my babies!!!

Any advice would be welcome.

Put the eggs in a bator or get the broody mama back on top of the eggs or you'll lose the rest of them.
mama moved cuz her babies are moving. you have got to confine her, the chicks, and the eggs, for a little while longer. i usually use a small box that the chicks cannot get out of, and she will tuck the chicks and the eggs under her, and will stay that way till they all hatch, unless she has to chase her chicks...good luck
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Shove the remaining eggs into an incubator. Not going to hatch with-out momma. It's likely for the eggs to become shrink wrapped, or chilled - so act now.
Unless something is medically wrong with the chick, the mom will not reject a chick that hatched underneath her. If you put new chicks under her that she did
not hatch - some hens will accept them, others wont. It depends on the individual hen.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I don't have an incubator.

I think I've got her back on. Luckily she is the placid one, so I moved her back on the eggs.
Once I had moved all her chicks around her, she fluffed up & settled back down.

Hopefully she will stay there.

Thanks again.
Other posts while I was writing!

Thanks everyone.

She went broody in the old chook house, so it's pretty big.

She is back on now, but I've got a box ready to put her, the eggs
& the chicks in if she hops off again.

She was probably only off for 20 mins, is that long enough to do
damage to the unhatched chicks?

Thanks again.
Membrane can dry out in seconds. Yes, 20 minutes can do damage to a pipped egg very quickly. Watch the eggs, look at the membrane. Pearly white dry membrane is a bad sign.
Also, be sure she's not trying to figure out a way out of the box and trampling the eggs.
Quick update.

Daisy stayed on over night, and this morning I have 2 more
chicks and another has pipped.

So it looks like I will end up with 8 chicks and 4 smelly eggs.

Thanks so much for all the advice, it certainly saved my
last 3 chicks.

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