Quick and dirty bantam coop. Looking for feed and water ideas.

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Apr 23, 2012
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This weekend at a bird sale I picked up a trio of RIR bantams. Really nice birds!
Anyways, these are my first bantams, and I didnt want to just throw them in with the general population so I built a quick and dirty little mini coop or hutch or whatever you would call it.
I made it on a pallet I had laying around and the total dimensions are 40" wide x 22" deep. There is one nest box inside and a short roost bar, but I've never seen any of them use it. They all huddle inside the nest box together, or alot of time the roo seems to hog it.
I have a mason jar style feeder in there and only a dish with water, but I'd like to hear some space saving clean water and food ideas. I'm thinking PVC pipe gravity feeder and some kind of nipple waterer. Any good ideas for such a small space?
My problem when building is I leave those details to the end and usually dont leave a good chunk of space for the feeders and water. Doh!

And the roof will be replaced with some flatter wood. All I had was some old warped ply that I put on for now. Good for ventalation! haha

You can see my other gang all checking it out... what the heck is this outside our coop?

Mr. Rooster and his lovely ladies.

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