Quick! Anyone know about the Hovabator 2362N???


12 Years
Feb 27, 2011
Grand Junction
Just came across one and need to know if its worth it or not. I currently just have an LG without any turner and I'm planning on trying to do some eggs in my classroom which is NOT a steady temperature. So what do you think? It also comes with a turner and installed fan kit.
I would like to know as well, as I am thinking of purchasing the same unit! I will be trying to hatch for the first time and want to get the best results possible.
Just got mine and my eggs are one day 11
haven't had ONE temp. spike or problem
I'm a newbie though so I'd wait for somone with more exepreiance to post.
I am on my first hatch with the 2362. Lockdown is tomorrow.

Here's what I've learned: It does what it says and keeps the temp despite what's going on in the room around it (but I'd recommend keeping the room around 65+ degrees). Really let it sit for a full day to make sure that the temps are holding.. mine did pretty well, but the thermostat can be sensitive. It just takes a little time to get used to. As your hatch goes on, you may need to lower the temps to accommodate for growing chicks. The bator started running warm about 3 days ago, almost a week before hatch time. So just keep an eye on it. Make sure to have a good working hygrometer (calibrated) and thermometer. I have 2 in mine.. 1 being the thermometer it came with. People say it's junk, but I've actually found it to be pretty much spot on. If your turner is FULL, you may need to add a dixie cup of water or something small (like I did, a egg carton well!) to hold more water.. seems like the more eggs I put in, the quicker it went through the water in the wells.

My fail safe temp is 102.. what I did was when I got it, I basically dried it out.. so I let it run, without water, at 102 overnight. THEN I put the water in, and adjusted the temp down if necessary (but make sure the water you put in is warm!) from then on you shouldn't have to raise the temp, only lower if you need to. This worked great for me, no spikes. If you want clearer info on how to do this, let me know. But so far, a good bator!
I borrowed a hovabator for my first ever hatch.Worked great.The next year I bought a LG/w turner from TSC.Didn't do well at all and I had very poor hatches.I sold it and got a new hovabator of my own.I havn't had trouble with it all.I do recommend its set up at least 24 hours before any eggs go in.They are higher priced than the LG but I found it was worth it.Good luck.

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