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Jan 30, 2010
Hello~ Random questions I've been wondering.

What happens when chicks have too much calcium? (I have parakeet grit for when I give the little one treats, and there was a thread on that with calcium content)

Can I mix mailed chicks and fresh hatched chicks? (Was going to order some that could ship tomorrow, since my eggs should hatch this week.

Do chickies have to have a special flooring? (I was going to use the spongey/foamy thingies that go on our shelves, or should it be the pine chips/sand?)

Can they get 'treats' right away as long as I give them grit? (I want to get some crickets for them.

How long should a 50lb bag of starter feed last for 10 chicks? (Just wondering how soon to replenish.

Any answered would be marvelous! Thank you~~
No one? I'd love to know at least if it's possible to safely mix a mailed set of chicks and hatched chicks. I couldn't find anything with search. :x
I'll give some of these a go, but I'm sure others will also answer! I used wood chips with paper towels on top for a few days-1week and then just used the wood chips. I did not give mine treats for the 1st week or maybe 2 weeks and then gave treats with the grit. The hatchery chicks should be fine with the non hatchery chicks, especially if around the same age group. Offer the grit as free choice when giving treats and they will take what they need, I would not worry about an overload of that. 50lb bag should last quite a while with 10chicks, I'd say a month or longer depending on how much waste you have with your feeder.
I have one 1/2 week old chicks in with some 3 day old chicks, and they all are doing fine. In fact I think the 3 day old chicks may be bullying the older ones
Awesome! <3

ToletiquesBySam - Thank you! I wonder how they know where to eat the grit after they get treats... x]

I think I'm going to attempt to litter train the chickens early on. o_o
I have a brooder coop. I use pine shavings and have had no problems with my chicks.

Here are the chicks today.

Here are some of my thoughts:

If chicks have too much calcium, they could develop kidney problems and die

You can mix the mail order chicks with your newly hatched chicks - as a rule of thumb (for me), I would start watching how you mix after about 4 weeks of age - at 4-8 weeks (depending on breed), you will be able to see differences in the cockerels and pullets. Around this same time, pecking order will be established and you could see fighting and sexual activity - if you ever mix chicks that are 4 weeks apart or more, just watch their behavior - as for the chicks you are wanting to mix now - go for it!!

For flooring, this is what I do - as soon as I move the chicks to the brooder, I place paper towels on top of pine shavings and as soon as all of the chicks have learned to eat/drink, I remove the paper towels and they are good on pine shavings. I use pine because it is a safe option (never use cedar shavings), keeps the smell down and are easier for me to clean.

Treats - I think that you should refrain from giving the chicks any treats until 4-6 weeks. I say this because when you give chicks anything other than production feed, you have to give them grit to aid in their digestion process. It is possible that the chicks will eat the grit and neglect their feed (which gives them all of their essential nutrients). As with a newborn baby, you don't want to give the baby candy/sweets because they might develop a "taste" for the treats and not eat the good stuff. There are varying opinions about this issue, but this is what I stick to. One thing to keep in mind is that once you decide to introduce treats, start them on grit for about a week so it can get in their system.

I am not sure how long the starter feed will last your 10 chicks - that is something that will vary.

I hope this helps a little

Happy Hatching!

Wow! Thank you, Lisa. Very helpful!

Would the Parakeet Grit with the Oyster shells still be bad at 4-6 weeks? It didn't say how much of it was oyster shells. :x Or should I just mix the box with adult grit when they start laying, as not to waste it?

Thank you, and everyone else, for the help and advice~!
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