Quick Chick Questions


5 Years
Jun 13, 2014
Hello, Buffyfluffy17 here!
I have a few questions about caring for my new baby chickens. I got four chicks yesterday and they are still pretty young, but I am not sure how old they really are. Maybe you could help? I am also wondering how old the baby chickens need to be before I can hold them. I am planning on getting four more chicks. If I do, I would get them in about 5 days. Do you think there would be too much conflict to put them in with the other four chicks that I already have? I currently have a flock of eight hens and one rooster. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you want them to be tame, you should hold them a lot. Of course, don't like hold them for hours, and be gentle, but that's how you get tame chicks.
There shouldn't be any problems with new chicks, they are so young.

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