quick!! if i put my chickens in the garden


10 Years
Mar 16, 2009
NE/Mid Ohio
to clean up will they eat the rotten tomatos or will they pass them up for the good ones? I dont want to pick out all the rottens before I put them in there.
They'll eat anything and everything, and mine really like tomato seeds right from the tomato. They'll also eat any bug or spider or caterpillar, and anything with fruit or green leaves that they can reach. Before you let them loose in your garden, make sure that it's OK for them to eat everything there....because they will, or at least, they'll try.
Oh, don't worry, they won't be greedy. They'll just take one bite out of each and every tomato
I speak from experience
I picked all the tomatoes I wanted red, orange or milky and put them in the garage and spread them out on the tableand in tubs. I then let the ladies loose. They don't care if it is ripe or not they eat it.
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