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8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
Hello all,

Brand new to the chicken thing. We are located in Ontario, Canada. We have had 7 red hens for about three months now that we purchased at a farm auction. I think they were not treated very well in there past life and now we are doing our best to provide them with a much better life. Out of the 7 birds only 2 of them are laying. Not sure why only two are laying.....the funny thing is that the two that are laying are the two ugly looking ones. They are missing alot of feathers and generally look very rough like they are molting. I'm hoping that the other five start up soon to but with winter on the way it may not be till spring before they come around.

We have also purchased 8 beautiful barred rocks recently. They were 3 weeks old when we bought them and they are 9 weeks now. They are still seperate from the older red hens but will all be going into the same coop come October. by that time they will be plenty big and able to defend themselves if a squabble were to happen.

Anyways I've been reading lots and learning. I have some questions as well but Ill continue to read before asking. Maybe I'll be able to answer them on my own.

Great site BTW,


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