QUICK! need some BYC suggestions for kid picnic games

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by 6littlechickies, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Hey all! I know this is kind of last minute but we've been trying to think of ideas for days and are still stumped. I finally thought...hey, why not ask my peeps at BYC?!

    We are hosting my DH family picnic at our house tomorrow and are trying to think of a game or two that the kids could play that would involve some (or any) of our animals. DH thought maybe a contest where they each pick out a d'uccle and whomever can keep it on top of their head the longest wins. I am thinking that may turn into a giant mess! [​IMG] I was thinking of a chick race (we have various ages of lots of chicks, I was thinking those 8-10weeks for this one), we'd corner off an area and then each kids picks their chick and has to get it from point A to B first.

    We definitely want to make sure anything we do is SAFE for the animals but also fun for the kids.

    We will have about 10 kids ages 2-10 there that can play. As far as animals we have LF and bantam chickens (plenty of either for each kid), peafowl, pheasants, a potbellied pig, a pygmy goat, two big dogs, a cat and two rabbits. Quite the menagerie I know! [​IMG] Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

    We can always do an egg toss or an egg race but those seem too, well, just been there done that! lol sooo, I'm asking any/all of you at BYC to please, PLEASE send me some ideas...we're pretty desperate here! [​IMG]

    I did set some eggs to hatch tomorrow, but well, can't guarantee that will keep them entertained (although it did last year)!

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