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10 Years
Mar 31, 2009
Woodville, Al
I've got a split hatch going, Built a mini fridg bator. Want to move eggs that are ready to hatch to fridge bator to use as hatcher. Can I put the eggs in a solid bottom tray? Or does it need to be screened on bottom to give them air flow still?

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Hi! That's a question I can't answer for certain.
I'd *guess* if the temp is stable on the solid bottom tray, the eggs will be fine there.
Good luck with your hatch!

I will respond by saying every hatching tray I have seen has a screen bottom. I would imagine there is a good reason for that. Will you have a hatch on a solid one I am sure you will. Will you have better circulation and improved performance with air movement I would guess the answer is yes.
Thanks for the replies. I've already figured it out. I put the guinea eggs in the fridge bator And left the others where they were. Only reason I wanted to know about the solid bottom was I didn't want the chicks to fall off the shelf in the fridge bator so I was going to put them in a pan with sides on it instead of just on the rack itself. No problem now though. Thanks again.

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