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10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Central Wisconsin
Hi, I was just wondering if there was i could keep my coop more dry. It's good until it rains and i dont understand how they get it so dirty. There is no leaks and only one hole that they go in and out of but everytime it rains, everything gets stinky and wet. Is there a way i could keep it more dry? Thanks!
My first question would be, are you sure the water isn't coming up from the ground? (If your coop is raised on blocks with a raised wood floor, it isn't, but if it has a dirt or slab floor then that's by far the likeliest problem... see my 'muddy run' page, link in .sig below, for ways to direct water away from coop)

If it is a raised floor, then either you have a leak you don't know about (e.g. sometimes water can track down inside of a hollow wall) or you need more sanitation or more ventilation. (Humidity makes stink a lot worse, so it is not difficult to have a situation where the coop seems ok in dry weather but on rainy days it is all smelly).

To the extent that your problem relates to water coming in the popdoor or in on chickens feet, you can build a little 'porch roof' over the popdoor, and put a cinderblock or paver or whatnot as a sort of doormat so the chickens are not going directly from a puddly run to the bedding.

Good luck, have fun,

Thanks! I do have my coop raised on railroad ties but i will have to try that cinderblock idea. And maybe if i open the window a notch or so, it will help with the ventalation. i Appreciate the help
just a quick add to pats great suggestions, if they are going in and out, they probably are spending more time in than they do when it is dry weather - therefore more stinky wet poopies indoors - add some DE to their shavings if you haven't already.
I will have to do that! thanks
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