Quiet hens?


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Sep 15, 2013
Taunton, England
We got our hens around 3 days ago, there are 5 of them. I'm a total newbie at this so I'm just wondering if this is cause for concern? Obviously I'd wager it would be more alarming if they were screaming their heads off, they seem happy enough, plenty of food, fresh water, a fair bit of room etc.

I'm happy they're quiet because I don't fancy having them taken away when I've already bonded with them, I'm such a sap
but if it's a concern I want to nip it in the bud, they seem to make low pitched squawks if that makes sense? It's quite hard to describe.

Should probably add the squawks aren't constant, just on and off!
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No, it's alright that your hens are quiet. It just means that they are content and sense no danger. A very good sign. They will get loud if they see a hawk, dog, or some other predator.

HS Pye
when the hens are happy and no
one is about to bother them, they
are generally pretty quiet...

low clucks and such all of the time...

when they all start screeching, you
know that something is worrying

and, sometimes, they start squawking
and making all kinds of racket and I
can't see any reason....so, who knows

Have fun
Some hens are just noisy. Some think everyone in a mile needs to know when they've laid an egg. My entire flock (2 dozen birds) sings a chorus every morning when eggs are being laid. As long as it's not distressed type noises, it's normal.
Dave, you are...

prepare to have a blast..;

Before I had chickens... I'd read
posts here...

I'd read things like... "I just hung out
in the run with my chickens today"
and think... Why????

Now I know... they are funny and fun
and wonderful....
Haha definitely, It's been raining pretty consistently since we got them so I made them a dust bath today and spent about 10 minutes waiting for them to use it, to no avail just yet! But I find myself feeding and watering them and then just sitting around for a while watching them, they're quite lovely really, I didn't see myself growing to them at first, but I love animals in general so it was inevitable really

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