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    Aug 28, 2010
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    Hi, I am Quinn4321 and this is my classroom. Please join NixNoodleNumbat's original Art Academy before joining this.
    I will be posting assignments at least once a month for each classroom. I will grade the assignments once everyone has turned them in. Please PM me if you will not be able to turn an assignment in on time.

    Fun Lettering:
    This class will teach techniques for interesting, creative writing techniques. Bubble lettering as the basics and then just fun ideas.

    Cartoon Animals:
    I will post step by step instructions for drawing different animals. You can suggest certain animals you would like to learn.

    I'm not really sure if this goes along with the Art Academy, but I can teach you how to make fun/beautiful cards for all occasions.

    Miscellanious Classes:

    Just any other things I decide to post. Ranging from anatomy of animals to still life ideas. I dont really know yet :).

    Please post saying which classes you would like to join. The lessons should be posted by next week.
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    Aug 28, 2010
    P.A/M.D border, USA
    Well this is popular! LOL

    I am going to go ahead and post an assignment, maybe people will join then.
    I will have an assignment up for the card class soon, I made some last night ( thank-yous). Didn't turn out as great as I hoped but should give you new ideas and techniques to try.

    Lettering: Assignment One

    I just want to get a feel for any of my (hopefully) soon-to-be-joining students. :)
    This assignment is simple: Write your username, pet's name, name, whatever you want, In bubble letters. If you wish, you can also write them in any other lettering types you can do.
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    Ok, I wrote it, but they keep floating away [​IMG]


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